Ouch… That One Stings – Agent Orange Match Report

We’ve lost a lot of games of cricket and soccer, we’ve taken some real thrashing, but I think it is safe to say this is the most dejecting loss we have suffered. We took an 87-68 lead into the final skin and lost the match 68-59. As defeated as we all feel, I’m sure Gordon is feeling like he has let the team down in some way at the moment, but he hasn’t. Cricket is a team game, and at the end of the day we lost by 9 runs and won two skins. Personally, I missed two sitter run outs in the field and bowled absolute pies, so I am equally to blame for the loss and I’m sure others can nit pick their own games as well. The point is, we are a team, we do our best and that is good enough win or lose.

While snatching defeat from the jaws of victory sucks, there is plenty of lessons to be learned. on the bowling side of things 68 is an okay score to restrict them to, to not take a wicket in the first pairing and never really have them under much pressure until the last partnership was disappointing. On the batting side of things if we EVER find ourselves leading by so much, by anything or just a few runs behind going into the last pair we need to use our heads. Low backlifts, covering our stumps, loud calling and no stupid runs. If things start to go pear shaped, take a deep breathe, collect ourselves and then concentrate with all our energy on the yellow pill floating down at us.

Next week we have the re-match against Jim’s Generics. I’m not even going to consider the notion of losing four in a row, nor losing again at the hands of JG’s. I’m going to be training hard all week and show up with my best game face and I expect it will be the same sort of attitude that will drive the rest of the team.

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