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Last night I decided to sign up to Stoxpoker, a coaching web site with videos and forums. I read reviews of all the major video coaching services and they seemed to be the best. They have a few full ring videos, of which I have watched a couple so far. I’ve learned a lot from them already, even though most of them are at stakes a little higher than I play and also there are very few crunch decisions in an hours worth of 2-4 tabling full ring. That being said, I think I will get a lot out of the 6-max and sit and go videos as well.

Once the first few players at full-ring fold, I really need to play more of a 6-max game and I feel like if I can learn a little from these videos and maybe practice a bit at lower stakes, it will improve my full-ring game to no end. With the sit and go videos, my goal for this month is the play a hundred or so sit and go just to break things up a bit, so I might pick up some things there.

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