My December Goals

December Goals
– Achieve SuperNova Status
– Have a well mapped out plan for the next 12 months
– Play 75k hands of Full Ring
– Stop Playing on the 24th and take a New Year’s Break
– Get my 2+2 post count up to 500
– Post 30 hand analysis blogs for the month
– Make a 200NL video
– Increase my blogroll to 12 link exchanges
– Be able to 14-table on a regular basis
– Play 100 Sit And Go’s
– Stake two more tournament players

November Review
Passed With Flying Colours, Could Have Done Better, Failed
Move up to 200FRNL
Play 75k Hands FR
Play 10k Hands 100NL HU
Post Play of The Day and Misplay of the Day on my blog
Respond to more hand analysis discussion on 2+2
Tilt less
Review my sessions more
Excercise/enjoy the Aussie summer more
Put myself in a position to take a crack at Supernova status in December

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