Agent Orange Match Report – I Hate Losing To Bad Sports

I can cop a loss on the chin, but it really gets under my skin losing to a bunch of pricks who show no sportsmanship or respect for the game. The main reason for playing a casual sport like indoor cricket is having a great time and enjoy yourself, and that all gets sucked out of it when your opposition shows poor etiquette or carries on a bit too much. I mentioned in last week’s entry that I was really looking forward to coming up against Jim’s Generics because of the way they behaved last time. Brad and I opened the batting and their chirping started straight away, I don’t actually care about sledging, nothing they can say is going to affect me and anything is fair game I don’t care. What I do care about is when the bowler has begun his action you are still coping it. During my innings I stood away and told the wicketkeeper to shut up, which only got him going even more of course. That’s okay because he got so carried away with it he missed an easy stumping. Brad and I put on 33 and things were looking very promising. Unfortunately, the rest of our batting struggled. Brad’s brother played for the team for the first time, he had a good eye, but struggled with the placement and pace of the mark and was run out a few times. Paul was unlucky to be run out off the jackpot ball in the third partnership, but thanks to good knocks from Mike and Gordon we posted a defendable total of 56.

In the field we started well, winning the first skin thanks to a few run outs and an excellent over of spin from Mike to finish off the skin. In the second pairing we toiled hard, but failed to take any wickets, which is really where we lost the game. Losing was such a disappointment, and we may have to wait a while for our next game to come around against these guys. When it does… I wouldn’t be betting against us. We had a first gamer tonight and we can definitely put more runs on against their bowling line-up. We are having an informal game in the park this weekend and then it is a quick turnaround for a game on Monday, hopefully we’ll be in fine touch for the game, we need a win to even the ledger for the season.

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