Crisis Over – The Recovery From A ‘Recession’

I made a post the other day ruing my bad luck and some poor play. I’m pretty sure I suffered my worst poker downswing in history (in turns of buy-ins, not just dollars). I think after a few good sessions that period is behind me now. It really was pretty gross some of the hands that I went through and I was starting to doubt my abilities to win at this level, but thankfully my confidence is back and I’m starting to play/run well again. My quest for PokerStars SuperNova status continues, I’m 38,000 points away with a month and ten days to go. I’m hoping to have 30,000 left by the end of the month, putting me in a position to get it over and done with by Chrtistmas so I can relax over the holiday period that will include Christmas, 5 days of going to the Boxing Day test, my birthday and new year’s.

Finally, and most importantly, if I can take anything away from my downswing it is that if I ever go through it again I should work harder to avoid tilting off that half a buy-in here and there or just spewing chips for no apparent reason. I wouldn’t say that I am a monster tilter, but I found myself making a few frustration calls in certain spots, which is just gross and un-called for really. Half a buy-in saved every now and then really adds to your bottom line, poker is much about maximising value as minimising losses when you are in bad spots and that is so easy to forget when you feel like everything is against you and you’ll never win at poker again.

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