Agent Orange Cricket Match Report

It has taken¬† me a few days to get around to writing this entry, mainly because it was such a depressing match. I really thought we had improved to be a lot better than this, maybe we just had an off night, but even so. I must take responsibility for changing up the batting order first off, removing Brad and myself from opening and replacing with Berge/Mike (who had been a stronger partnership so far this season) got us off to a poor start. Brad and I batted alright together, a couple of stupid run outs and a wicket off the last ball didn’t help, we probably would have made 50 on another night. Paul and Jordan batted admirably and did their job for the team and we posted a defendable total, we could/should have got more runs for the quality of bowling though.

it was in the field where the match was lost, we got off to a disastrous start with a jackpot 7 hit off the first ball. I really wanted Paul to bowl the first over, because he is just so impossible for a new batsman to pick up with his action and bounce. Having batted in the last pairing he was a little tired though so I gave the ball to Berge. Long story short, we didn’t take a wicket in the first partnership and they ended up making 56 from that pairing, and the match was gone… amazing. While the bowling was poor, we didn’t help with our fielding, dropping catches, not stopping balls and missing the stumps. Once again, I’ll take responsibility as I feel some of the field placings cost us. I should have been fielding at the back the entire game instead of watching the ball fly past me every second ball fielding at the front.

We have still had a strong start to the season, but I just get this feeling I overestimated how good we are going to go this season. I really do hope that I am proven wrong and this performance was a one off. Hopefully it will be a shock to the system and we can learn our lessons and not put in another performance like that again. One thing is for sure, I can’t wait for a re-match against that team, something tells me we are going to be up for revenge. I’m also looking forward to next week’s game against Jim’s Generics, a team that were real pricks when they beat us earlier in the year. That night, like Monday night, we put in a below par performance. Bring on next week!

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