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Villain is 28/4/2.5 over 116 hands, no real other reads or information, other than it’s Friday night and the donks are out. Just want to know whether you guys value bet this river and if so how much? His hand seems like a draw, all of which missed. Is he really calling a third barrel with KT/KQ? 

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saw flop|saw showdown

BB ($213.70)
UTG ($270.35)
UTG+1 ($157.10)
MPA ($260.05)
MP2 ($95)
MP3 ($139.80)
CO ($215.65)
Button ($131.20)
SB ($95.35)

Preflop: Hero is MP1 with Ks, As.
UTG raises to $4, 1 fold, MPA raises to $16, 6 folds, UTG calls $12.

Flop: ($35) 6c, Kc, Jd (2 players)
UTG checks, MPA bets $28, UTG calls $28.

Turn: ($91) 2d (2 players)
UTG checks, MPA bets $60, UTG calls $60.

River: ($211) 7d (2 players)
UTG checks, MPA bets ????

Final Pot: $523.10

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