6 Tabling NL100 Video

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Runs for about an hour and a half, file size is 452MB.

This was nearly a month ago now, back when I was at 100NL. I feel like my play has come on a lot since, but overall this video is not too bad. I only cast a glancing eye over it before I uploaded it though. The AA laydown feels kind of wrong post the event, but at the time I remember just being so sure it was beat. On reflection, maybe he really could play AQ like that, his turn bet was kind of weak. Anyway, let me know your thoughts!

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  • Hi, my name is Níkolas and I played with you on NL 25 some years ago. I am a multitable player and can multitable 24 tables even on 6 max. On 6 max I have on NL50 a winrate of 5PTBB on 24 tables. Strangelly, I am a LOSER on NL100. I really dont understand how can I beat NL50 6 max for 10 bb and lose on NL100 for 3 bb…

    Well, I wish to play full ring again. I believe with hard work the game can be beatable 24 tabling until NL 1000 ( low winrate of course ). I dont think this is possible on 6 max so I will move to FR.

    The fact is I believe I cant play FR good anymore. I need a coaching… My bank roll is now 4000 dollars. Can we exchange emails on the coaching process? Please tell me your price.

    I am brazilian and my english is so so. Because of that I prefeer chating by emails or msn.



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