The Quest For PokerStars Supernova

Given that I have only started seriously multi-tabling cash games at PokerStars in the last few months, this is a very bold exercise. However, I am setting the goal of becoming a PokerStars Supernova VIP member by the deadline of December 31st. Now that I am playing $1/$2 this should be a much easier task, but so far this year I’ve 40,000 base FPPs, needing a further 60,000 in under two months. I’m working at earning 1,300 FPPs per day, that way I should have a bit of breathing room to get there before the end of the year. As my game improves I’m hoping that I’ll be add one or two more tables and increase the earnings rate that little bit more.

Benefits of PokerStars Supernova

  • Can redeem 100k points for a $1,500 bonus
  • Earn FPPs at a faster rate
  • Ability to access special items in FPP store
  • Freeroll/VIP Tournaments
  • Ability to buy into cash tournaments with points

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