QQ Laydown Pre-Flop – Hand Of The Day

This QQ laydown is pretty standard, but I am fairly sure that some people would make the error of overplaying their hand here. To pre-face this hand I had been taking a real beating in the session, but was trying to maintain a cool head. The game is 7 handed, which I think makes this a more interesting hand, because as the tables get shorter, QQ becomes an even bigger monster.

UTG: 17/13/2.7
UTG+1: 13/10/2.93

Both players are solid regulars, who I know are capable of raising in EP with non-premium hands and three-betting light.

Poker Stars, $1/$2 NL Hold’em Cash Game, 7 Players
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UTG: $293.85
UTG+1: $197
Hero (MP): $200

CO: $180.25
BTN: $199.80
SB: $206.25
BB: $313.05

Pre-Flop: Q Q dealt to Hero (MP)
UTG raises to $8, UTG+1 raises to $26, 5 folds, UTG raises to $66, UTG+1 calls $40

Im UTG+2 and I’ve got a raise and a re-raise in front of me. My problem in this hand is that it is a standard fold against two tight/semi-aggressive players. I know both these players pretty well though, they are good players, but they are capable of moving chips in this fashion with less than AA and KK. I know UTG+1 likes to three-bet a lot, but usually from late position and that, in the end, is what brought me to folding this queens without putting a chip in.

UTG showed K K (a pair of Kings) and LOST (-$197 NET)
UTG+1 showed A A (a pair of Aces) and WON $394 (+$197 NET)

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