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Today I went shopping and got a few new toys for myself. The main reason I went was to continue my hunt for a new cricket bat. I felt like I needed something a little lighter, and my previous one was getting a little tatty. The one I bought I didn’t like at first because the handle is thinner than I am used to, but I think I’ll adjust to that easily and it will actually make my batting better. I’m looking forward to giving it a test run at indoor cricket tonight. My other cricket related purchase was an ‘Eye-In’ practice kit. It is essentially a shortened and really thin bat, that comes with a golf ball and a real cricket ball on a string. You tie the string to an overhead support and swing the ball back and forth, and watch the ball extra carefully given your smaller surface area.

My other purchase for the day was a new mouse. With all the multi-tabling on a large screen I have been doing lately my wrist has been feeling the strain.  With that in mind I sought out a Logitech mouse which you control the mouse using a ball, not by actually having to physically move it. Hopefully this will ease the strain, but it is an adjustment to use it.

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