Keeping The Lid On After Biggest Session Ever

I spoke the other day of my transition from $100 buy-in games to $200 buy-in. Moving up is always tough and a session where I was on an absolutely sick card heater helped. I started with a bang, AA vs KK twice, holding both times and a flopped flush holding over a flopped set. I seemed to be picking up big hands left right and centre and getting action to go with them. I ended up making 6.2 buy-ins in a three hour stint at the tables, and since it’s a new limit it now becomes my best session ever.

Card Heater

Okay, stepping away from results orientation, how did I actually play today? I made a couple of mistakes, but I learned from them. There are a couple of hands I am unsure about and I will probably post them for analysis later. Overall, I’d rate my play a B+, there was a short period where it became a C- and times where it was A+.

Putting things into perspective, I have had sessions where I have dropped 5 buy-ins, a few very recent ones. By no means will I be getting carried away with results. My goal all along has been to play a good sample size of hands at this level and see how I’m doing. On the plus side, I saw a few plays and players today that make me think 200NL is going to be just fine by me.

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