Agent Orange Cricket Match Report

The beginning of a new season for the Cricket team and a chance to put behind us the disappointment of our first round finals loss last season.  After some post-season analysis Brad and I had come up with what we believe to be optimal batting partnerships. We decided it would be good to have some flexibility in our batting order given match conditions. Brad and I opened the batting together, setting the target of 35 runs as our decision rule on the next batting partnership. Sure enough, we scored exactly 35; nice symmetry and the rest of the match proceeded to follow the script as well.  The next two partnerships performed well and we ended up making exactly 100, the first time we’ve reached triple figures since July.

The bowling performance was just as impressive as our batting; although I’m sure the scoreboard pressure we had on them had a hand in that. Gordon’s overs were the highlight, in his first over he had the batsmen in all sorts, he took a wicket and we ran them out twice, they were all over the shop. He followed it up with a tight one run over, giving him an Agent Orange record of -17 runs off two overs of bowling for the match. If only we’d all put in performances like Monday night two weeks earlier in the finals. A loss in the finals though, should fuel the team’s hunger to get back there and go deeper and starting the new season in such excellent fashion is a perfect building block.

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  • Team thoughts for tomorrow?

  • Well I’m assuming Berge did actually go to WA? So depends on who Mike gets, probably Jordan. In that case Mike/Jordan bat together and we are otherwise unchanged.

  • Very nice Mr Kid.

    Hoping for some success. Get your eye in.

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