Downtown New York City

I went into New York City for possibly the last time today. I decided to take a different route and go via the airport train station. Train ticket from there cost $15, whereas my usually station costs $5.50 and it is further away, go figure. It was a stinking hot day, really humid and my walk of the downtown area took me through a few parks which were highly populated with people trying to escape the heat. At one of them people were bathing in the fountain, which was kind of gross.

I spent some time in Barnes and Noble picking out some reading material for the hours of waiting around I am going to have to do on the changeover on the way home. I spent some time reading in the park, learned a few things (poker books naturally). From now until I go home is going to be pretty uneventful, I think I’ll just be working a whole lot and spending time in the gym. I’m looking forward to getting home; I’ve gone from no sign of homesickness for pretty much the whole trip to and now I want to go home so badly that time seems to be dragging on.

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