Central Park Run

On a pristine Saturday morning I decided that I’d work up a bit of a sweat going for a run in Central Park and maybe see some parts that I missed the other day. There were masses of people walking, jogging, rollerblading and bike riding along the paths and roads. The roads were seemingly closed to motor vehicle traffic, which meant there was plenty of room to spread out. There were some people out there that were taking it very seriously. It was a super humid day and you really feel it while you are in the green surrounds of the park. I love it though, nothing makes me feel as good about myself as having the adrenaline flowing and sweat pouring.

My fitness has definitely declined while I’ve been here and I didn’t realize how much until I got deep into this run. My general pace is about 12km/ph and I ran for 50 minutes, so I must have done about 10km. It was a real battle though, the course was a bit more hilly than I’m used to, I guess that could have been it, but my legs started to cramp up like they never have before. In Boston I was getting some tightness, but this was actually restricting me. I think it may be related to my back, which is out of whack from the beds I’ve been sleeping on. I’ve actually pulled up fairly well from it; I think I benefited from warming up and cooling down on the long walk to and from the park.

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