A Stormy Day in NYC

The weather was looking okay this morning, very hot, overcast and humid. You got the sense a storm was brewing and it has just arrived. The Empire State Building is a block away and I’m pretty sure it is acting as a lightning rod at this point because there is some very close by electrical activity going on. Before the rain set in I did a little bit of shopping, or at least looking through shops. I went into the big Macy’s, wasn’t that much there for me, but for an avid shopper that would be a dreamland. I only bought one thing, a microphone headset from Staples (equivalent of Office Works). In an effort to improve my poker play I am going to be screen recording and doing voiceovers of some of my play. I might post some of the videos on here, but I am not sure yet. Some beginner players might be able to learn something by watching me and family and friends may get an insight into how I go about my business. I’m also going to attempt to phone home over the internet later using the headset.

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