A Rainy Day & Lower Manhattan

Yesterday was pretty much a complete write off, it poured with rain all day long. The one time I did venture out for lunch I got absolutely drenched despite wearing a raincoat. Things were quickly turned around today though with a nice and sunny 30 degree day.

On my itinerary for the day was Lower Manhattan. I caught the subway down and got off at the World Trade Center station. I walked around the entire perimeter of the ‘Ground Zero’ site, it was for the most part shrouded in shade cloth and you could barely see through. The best vantage points were from the walkways through the World Financial Center‘s. The most striking thing about the site was just the massive area that the two buildings took up. Other than that it just looked like any other construction site. It didn’t really hit home what had happened there until later I went to Battery Park and saw the giant metal sculpture of the world that sat between the buildings all bent out of shape and torn up.

Battery Park was just a few blocks south of the WTC and the Manhattan viewing point for the Statue of Liberty. I was considering going on a ferry out to the island, and still might at a later date, but when I got there today the line was about 500 metres long, no exaggeration.

After lunch I went and checked out Wall St., it was a lot narrower than I thought. It was more like a one way laneway than a road. The front of the New York Stock Exchange doesn’t even face Wall Street, but that was the best part. After Wall Street I walked up Broadway to City Hall, took some photos and then caught the Subway back to midtown.

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