Madison Square Garden, Times Square & The United Nations

With plenty of time to kill I embarked on a huge walk all around Manhattan. First on my list of sights was Madison Square Garden, home of the New York Knicks basketball team. The funniest thing I saw there was an Amish family walking through the city streets, they looked out of place to say the least.

From MSG I walked straight up 7th avenue and Times Square got closer and closer. It was by far the highlight of the day and I can’t wait to go back and see it at night. Inside the Toys ‘R Us there is a giant indoor Ferris Wheel, they have and M&M’s world here, just like the one in Vegas too. Towards the north end of Times Square and continuing up 7th avenue they had the streets closed off and what I assume are weekly Sunday markets going. It was a lot of the same types of stalls over and over, but it was spewing with people. At the top of 7th avenue is Central Park, I got there and turned back (I’m saving it for another day). On my way back down 7th I stopped for lunch and then changed course and set sail for the United Nations.

When I finally arrived I was disappointed that the flags weren’t up, that was the image I really wanted to capture. I guess I left America for a few minutes when I stepped through the gates and onto international soil. The building is actually pretty run down and I’ve since been reading that they are renovating it. The most surprising thing (besides the flags not flying), was that there was hardly anybody around. It is right on the edge of Manhattan next to the river, but still I would have expected a lot more tourists. Although, I guess it really is a true reflection of how useful and respected an organization it is.

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