Hotel From Hell

Well it turns out the wheels aren’t falling off my trip, because I had a great day today. Only to come back to this… This morning I checked out of the hotel I was in for the night and caught a cab to my permanent hotel, the Vincci Avalon. I checked-in, but I wouldn’t be able to get a room until 3pm. Expected, but an inconvenience all the same. They checked my bags for me and I set off on a huge walk of the city, I’ll blog about that when I’m in a better mood.

So I got back to the hotel at 3pm, greeted by a huge line at the front desk (only two people working it) because everyone wants to check-in at the check-in time. Eventually, I got attended to and am able to get a key for my room and things seem to be going well. They promised me reimbursement for the cab rides I had to take to get to the other hotel and back. That turned into a long drawn out process just to get $13 out of them. So I headed up to my room, expecting my bags to be delivered. Get to my room, of course the key doesn’t work, so back down I go to get that fixed.

Once I do get into my room the first thing I notice is the dirty bedspread and the smeared gross walls. It’s a little bit depressing and dated, but I can live with that. So the bell man shows up with… one of my bags… Even as I write this he still hasn’t brought my other one. He also handed me a plastic bag, what I thought looked like a gift bag, maybe a little something to say sorry for all the screwing around they’ve put me through. No… just someone else’s Macy’s shopping bag. I am really beginning to worry about my other bag, if they are this incompetent at checking bags and indeed operating a hotel it really could be anywhere.

Okay, I had to go down stairs and find the thing myself. I hope the universe isn’t trying to tell me not to stay at this place, because if it is, it is doing a pretty good job.

There is a lot to be learned from this experience, so far on this trip I have only stayed with reputable hotels. Actually, everywhere besides Vegas have been Hilton or Radisson hotel groups.

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