Farewell Boston

I’m sitting in Boston‘s Logan International airport right now, it is still an hour and a half until my flight departs. I got here in plenty of time though because I decided to take the subway. It was pretty easy; the hardest part was walking with my luggage to the station to begin with. The flight to New York takes about an hour, I’ll be getting there just after midday. From there, the challenge will be negotiating the subway into midtown Manhattan. My hotel is one block from the Empire State Building, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

My last day in Boston was spent just relaxing, I decided not to do the duck tour, firstly because of the weather and secondly because I’d just lost the motivation. I spent a good deal of the day doing laundry, so much more convenient when they have a coin laundry in your hotel. My last night was spent eating the biggest pizza you have ever seen and watching the Red Sox game on TV. They prevailed 10-3 for a much needed and confidence boosting win. All my Red Sox t-shirts and hats will have to be stowed away for the rest of the trip though. Wearing anything Red Sox on the New York subway would be like digging your own grave.

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