Red Sox vs. White Sox

I went for a long run in the morning up to Harvard Square and that was just about the highlight of the day. Nothing much really went right from there on out. I left the hotel at one, got some lunch on the way to the train station and then caught the subway the few stops into the city centre. With a huge day of walking ahead, as soon as I left the subway station the arch of my left foot starting sharply cramping. That remained constant the entire day, so for most of it I was hobbling around. It wasn’t through lack of hydration either, which leads me to my next point. By the time I go into downtown I was busting to pee. My destination was Quincy Market, it was about a 15 minute walk from the station and I figured in that time I’d be able to find a restroom, no luck on that front. Once at Quincy Market, there was a massive food court, there must be a restroom there right? Right! But it took me 40 minutes to find. Why didn’t I just ask someone? I did, a security guard and he was useless.

Eventually relieved, I was able to take in Quincy Market. I bought some stamps and sent off my postcards, but that wasn’t without its complications. The Post Office was closed between 2-3pm so the lone operator could sit there reading the paper eating his lunch. I got there just before 3pm and by that point I was 11th in line, just to buy a few stamps. The market was pretty basic, not many stalls and most of the stalls were just Boston t-shirts. I’ve bought one myself, but on nearly every street corner in the city there are stalls selling shirts, it’s hard to imagine they can be profitable.

My plan for the afternoon was to kill some time before the Red Sox Game walking the streets, looking at shops and taking some photos. Well that was thrown into disarray when it started pouring with rain and continued to pour all afternoon. Not to worry, I found a great bargain basement clearance type place and that kept me out of the elements and occupied for a while. I bought a couple of t-shirts and some thick socks (I’ve started getting blisters from running).

I still had heaps of time to blow before the game though, so instead of catching the train to Fenway I decided to walk. It was still raining, but not too hard and I had a raincoat and it was still quiet warm out so it seemed like a good idea. Before I set out I had something to eat, the food around Fenway wasn’t much to be desired last time. I went to Wendy’s for the first time of the trip, what a regretful decision that was. I should mention the astounding number of homeless people in Boston, I’d say I’ve seen more here than in LA, despite the massive difference in populations. Here, they aren’t as sedentary either; they are in your face and crazy. Well this Wendy’s, while in a highly populated, bustling part of the city seemed to be the hobo haunt. As if the shithouse food and apathetic staff weren’t bad enough, the smell of urine while you are trying to stomach your grease burger isn’t pleasant. The drink serving sizes at fast food restaurant are absurd, not to worry I was having diet anyway. It left me busting to pee again though, not game to even seek out the bathrooms at that establishment I assumed I’d be able to find a bathroom on my long walk to the ballpark… you know what they say about assuming.

I did eventually reach Fenway, just in the nick of time to avoid smelling even more like urine, this time my own, not Wendy’s. I bought a hat at the merchandise store and then went and found my seat. When I bought the ticket months ago, I knew it was an obstructed view seat, I didn’t know quite what to read into that though. Well, they weren’t kidding! I couldn’t see 1st or 2nd base, not to mention the big screen TV or any ball that traveled high in the air. The ticket cost the same amount as my ticket the other night though, bewildering to say the least. It wasn’t so bad, it offered a different perspective on things, and people left later on so I moved across.

When I sat down it was still raining, and it continued to rain constantly for the next three hours. The game was scheduled to start at 7; it ended up just starting in time. They call it off if it doesn’t get away before 9pm. As we speak, it is 12:30am, and the game is still going! I left after the 6th inning; I’d really had enough of it all, such a long draining day. The game I did see was enjoyable for the most part, the Red Sox gave up a run in the first inning, only to come back and score two of their own in 2nd. The game was scoreless until the 6th inning, the last I saw. The tiring Red Sox pitcher Dice-K walked three and then gave up two runs on a hit, putting the White Sox in front 3-2. That was the score when I got home and it is now 4-2 with the Red Sox having one last shot in the bottom of the 9th.

I was going to do the Duck Tour tomorrow, but now I’m not sure. The forecast is for rain and after today I don’t feel that motivated. I’ll see how I feel in the morning; as I speak the Red Sox have just officially lost the game… DOH! My Red Sox experience has been enjoyable; I’m not going to let today’s rain put a dampener on my feelings coming away from this part of the trip.

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