Fenway Park Tour

Today was the first time I have seen rain for the entire trip. When I started out walking to Fenway the clouds looked a little threatening, but it was so sticky and humid I really wasn’t too worried if it did rain. Sure enough it started when I was halfway through the 5km walk to the ballpark. I had to rush a little in the end, but I got there in time to go on the 1pm tour. There were heaps of people, they would be making a killing out of it at $12 a pop.

The tour started by taking us up into the right field grandstand, we all sat in the seats undercover and the guide informed us of the history of the park, when all the additions/changes were made and the like. Some interesting facts include… oldest ballpark in the league, only ballpark in the American league with a manual scoreboard, shortest home run point in the league and some of the seats in the stadium are still there from 1934. After that we were taken into a restricted area, where only season ticket holders are allowed during games. It is an indoor bar area, right over home plate. Season tickets for the lowest section cost hundreds of thousand of dollars, which is just mind blowing.

After that we were taken to the Green Monster! The Green Monster is a giant wall (11.3m) in left field, and you guessed it, it is green. It was built in the 1934 to stop baseballs going out of the park and smashing windows and also to stop freeloaders watching the game from buildings outside. The seats on top of the wall though, were only built in 2003. They are THE most sought after seats in baseball; they have a lottery for them at the start of each year so as many people get to experience the seats each year as possible. That was probably the best part of the tour, getting to go up there, even though it was pouring rain.

The next stop was the leftfield blue seats that were the original 1934 seats. The oldest seats in baseball, the smallest and the most uncomfortable according to the tour guide. He took as through the retired numbers, the requirements for retiring numbers and answered questions. The tour took just over an hour and was well worth it, I got a lot more out of it than yesterdays.

This evening I went for a run up to Harvard Square and went to a Chinese Restaurant for dinner. Since I’ve been here I’ve done ridiculous amounts of running and walking, considering how inactive I was in Vegas my legs are taking it pretty well. I’ve been trying to go swimming to help them recover, but that is becoming less appealing now that I lost my goggles. I guess if I am going to lose something on this trip, I’m glad its only goggles. Tomorrow night is another Red Sox game, not sure what I am going to do during the day yet.

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