Boston Common and The Freedom Trail Tour

The Boston Common is one of the oldest parks in America. Up until 1830, the land was used for cattle grazing. It was also used for public hangings back in the day. British ‘red coats’ camped on the Common before the Revolution in April, 1775. It was pretty easy to get to, it is a little bit of a walk to the closest train station from the hotel, but from there it is only a couple of stops and it stops right at the park.

There were heaps of people around and many different activities going on. After walking around for a bit I decided I’d go on the Freedom Trail Guided tour, rather than walk around it myself. It cost $12 and the tour guide was in character as someone from the late 1770’s, an actual figure in the history of Boston. The tour was a little slow in getting started; I was bored stupid at the start. Slowly it got going and more interesting though. I did learn a lot, but I’m not quite sure how that knowledge will benefit me. If nothing else, I got an insight into the history of the city, America and a chance to walk the streets and take in the city.

I’m glad I did the tour rather than walking the trail itself (it is marked out on the ground). After the tour I looked through a few shops and then came back to the hotel. I’ll be going into the city again later in the week. Tomorrow I am going to do the tour of Fenway Park.

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