Fenway Park, Red Sox vs KC Royals

Today was the day to cross another item off my life objectives list. I’ve been a Red Sox fan for a number of years now, started following them seriously once school ended and I could track and watch the games during the day time. Fenway Park was built in 1912 and it has remained relatively untouched since. There is so much history in the place that you can just feel it when you get close by. It was a fair walk to the stadium, but good exercise.

Before the game I had dinner at a café close by, it was horrible, but I remained positive. Security was easy to get through; you aren’t allowed any big bags, so I just took a small one with my camera in. Once inside the stadium I had little trouble finding my seat. I was in right field, about 20 rows back and halfway between first base and the foul pole. The two guys next to me had season tickets and were surprised I was able to get such a good seat; they thought it was a season ticket only section. They turned out to be really nice and talked to me a lot. You will see the photo of me at the ballpark, which was taken by them.

I got there early enough to see the players warm up and soak up the atmosphere. The game was the three hundred and something time in a row that Fenway has been a sellout and by game time it was packed to the rafters (37,000). The ballpark seems a lot smaller than what you would imagine from TV, in particular the depth of the outfield. Before the game, they had a choir do the national anthem, feels a little awkward with everyone around you with hand/hat on heart singing. In the seventh inning everyone stands up for the “7th inning stretch” in which everyone sings along to “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”. That is followed in the 8th inning by a Fenway Park favourite, Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline. Everyone and I mean everyone belts it out, take a look at a YouTube video of it if you don’t believe me.

The game itself was a beauty! The Red Sox won 4-0, with the Red Sox starting pitcher Kason Gabbard throwing all nine innings! The guy is only a rookie and he is the first rookie to throw a shut out at Fenway since the 80’s, so the stadium was going crazy in the last inning when it was looking like it was going to happen. The Red Sox hit three home run shots for four runs and never looked troubled.

After the game (around 10pm), I trekked the long hike back to the hotel. It was a bit daunting walking along the river on my own at night. There were a few people around, but a few spots where it was a bit shady. I think for the game on Thursday I’ll just get a cab home. It was good for my fitness though.

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