Harvard Square

I got up early this morning in order to adjust to the new time zone. I went straight out to find something for breakfast. There is a small supermarket and a health food supermarket really close by, so that was easy. After breakfast I went to the gym to do some weights, there were a fair few people in there for early Sunday morning. The Charles River is right on the hotel doorstep, and along both sides is a great walking path/bike track. I started the long process of working off those Vegas buffets by going for decent sized run along the south side of the river and back on the north side. In the winter the river is completely frozen over, but right now everything is very green and warm (31 degrees today). After my run, I went for a swim to recover a little bit. The pool is indoors and heated, but it still cooled me off.


In the afternoon I headed out for a long walk up to Harvard Square. The hotel itself is right next to many Harvard faculty buildings and the sports fields, but Harvard Square is further north. The buildings and streets have a lot of character, something that was lacking in Vegas and LA. There were heaps of shops and cafes around Harvard Square. I had some lunch and bought a few items from the gift shops. I took plenty of photos of the area, and they probably tell a better story than I can.

Tomorrow, I’m not sure what I am going to do early in the day, definitely another run though. At night I am going to Fenway Park to see my first ever Red Sox game! This will be the first of two games that I am going to. You can see the lights of the stadium from my room, there was a day game there today that just finished. The game is against Kansas City, a low lying team that the Sox should beat.

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