Goodbye Las Vegas

I checked out of Harrah’s a day early. They screwed me around a bit at checkout, but eventually I got out of there. Emmy and I caught a cab a fair way down the strip to where her mum had booked them in to stay. They have a really new apartment in the Grandview, right next to the Southpoint Casino. It is a really nice place, but ages away from the strip.  We played on the slot machines for a bit and then had dinner. After dinner we played some more and then went back to the Grandview. We went to the gym for a bit, then for a swim and late at night we went ten pin bowling. The Southpoint had a 64 lane bowling complex and even at midnight it was pretty packed.

In the morning, they drove me to the airport and saw me off. The flight was a little frustrating. We sat on the tarmac in Las Vegas for a good half hour because they changed the take-off direction or something. The flight was long, cramped, the food for purchase was horrible and the movie they showed I’d seen. To top it all off when we got on the ground the luggage took about half an hour to come out. The cab ride from the air port to the hotel cost $40, so I’m going to investigate another way to get there for the way back.

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