I Sucked Out Big-time

It isn’t often that I make a massive draw out on someone when all the money is in, mostly because I generally get it in when I’m ahead. Today though, there was a gross hand that came up when I found a needle in a haystack on the river. The pot was limped around to me in the big blind, probably six players in; I checked my option with 85 off suit. The flop came 886, the small blind bet right out $10, often I would raise here, if I had have the hand would have played a lot differently. I just called though, not giving him any credit for an eight. The table was new so I didn’t really know what anyone was capable of, but generally I won’t give credit in this situation to a player that doesn’t seem to be advanced. A girl in late position also called and the turn came a K. The board was rainbow so there was no flush draws or straight draws around. I was putting the girl on a pocket pair when she called the flop.


The small blind fired out on the turn as well, I raised him, the girl went all-in for not much more than my raise and the small blind just called. I set the small blind all-in, I felt like I was beat by the girl at this point, but was way ahead of the small blind. He called and the river came down the juiciest 5 I’ve ever seen. The girl turned over 66, for a flopped full house (66688), the small blind turned over 89 for trips (888K9) and I of course raked in a pot of over $500 with a rivered full house (88855).


A few hands later there was a raise and a re-raise in front of me and I looked down and found the perfect AA. I of course raised and the idiot under the gun raiser went all-in with A9s. My hand held up and I had over $600 sitting in front of me from my original $200. I played very carefully for the next few hours, the table was crazy. My suck out was not the only one, KQ vs. 88 flop KQ8, they got it all-in and the river came a Q. Pocket aces were getting cracked left, right and centre and there was some really stupid players. Eventually though, all the stupid players were gone and there were stacks of over $1000 sitting at the table. With all the value gone and more money in front of me than I’ve ever played with at a single table I decided it a good time to leave. I cashed out $550; I’d been blinded down a bit and saw a few flops in the few hours following my two big pots of the day.


Sometimes when you get unlucky at the tables it is easy to forget times when you get lucky. I seriously cannot remember that many times I have sucked out, but can recall in graphic detail the times I have been brutally beaten. Hopefully, I can turn to this post next time I feel like the whole world is against me. It’s fairly unlucky to flop trips and have your hand be third best and I would have been a little ill if I had lost the pot, but I would have accepted with grace because I got it in with the worst of it. The guy in the small blind with 89 was really nice, I apologized to him and we formed a bond over the next few hours. While I had the biggest win of my live poker career today, it wasn’t really that satisfying given the way that it transpired, but I’ll sure as hell take it.

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