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Tonight is the probably the most fun I have ever had playing poker! I was beginning to become a little jaded and disinterested in the game, but tonight turned all that around and it had nothing to do with how I played and whether I won or not. I returned to the Flamingo, the place where I earned the nickname ‘Peep’ and where I have found the people to be most friendly and inviting. One of the regulars knew me as Peep, but tonight I was Aussie, Australia, Aussie Millions and Joe Hachem to most of the table.

There were two guys that were a lot of fun. Sean, a 24 year old from Chicago who had won big the night before, but got thrown out because of his drinking. Tonight he was losing big time, but still having fun and drinking, he was of Irish heritage, need more be said? The other guy was Frank, also young and from Chicago, but no connection to Sean. The three of us were having lots of laughs at our end of the table, mostly thanks to Sean and his friendly banter and joking with the rest of the table. A few hours into the session Frank suggested shots for the whole table. Even though I haven’t had a drop of alcohol in well over a year, I felt the time was right to let my hair down (I’m so lame). A few of the old grouches at the table refused, but 7/10 took a rather large shot of Vodka and the game got even more fun.

Towards the end of the night a middle aged Canadian guy sat down next to me. He turned out to be a really nice guy and was having a bit of fun when he got there, playing lots of hands funky and building a crazy image. Later on he tamed down and starting playing normal; I reckon he would have used that image to his advantage by now. I talked a fair bit with him, turns out he is a very serious player and has played with some of the best players in the world. He was just getting some kicks playing in the baby game. Sean, him and I ordered Bloody Mary’s, I won’t be going there again, those things are feral. I wish I’d caught this guy’s name, but I’m sure I’ll see him on a web site somewhere because he has had some tournament success. He had a lot to share about his philosophies on the game and its players.

I decided to call it a night about 1am, up about $250. I hadn’t eaten since a huge buffet at about 11am, so I had a sudden craving for a Big Mac. I was wearing my Lions jersey and standing waiting for my order and some guy came up and tackled me. I knew straight away he was Aussie and I confirmed it he was from Perth. That just topped off my great night; just such an Aussie thing to do it makes me tingle with joy to know that I am from such an awesome place. It’s nearly 3am now, don’t know where the time went, but I am still buzzing.

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