A Trip Up The Strip

Yesterday I decided to get out of familiar territory and see what the north end of the strip has in store. There is lots of construction going on along in that area so I decided to take a ride on the bus rather than walkthrough desert dust storms in the middle of the day. There is a bus called “The Deuce” that runs up and down the strip, it has two decks and I sat up top on the way and took some photos. The bus is painfully slow, the strip itself is five lanes both ways yet it is still a crawl for most of the day. The further north you go along the strip the more dated the casinos and shops become, but they have their charm.

My destination was the Sahara casino; I wanted to try their buffet. The casino has a rollercoaster going through it and around it; I wish I’d known before I got there. When I stepped off the bus and went to walk in there was a loud rumble getting closer and closer, over my shoulder and suddenly there was a rollercoaster coming out of the ground and doing a corkscrew over my head.

The further away from the heart of the strip, the cheaper the buffet’s get. So far I have learned that you get what you pay for and this was no different. I will say this though; it was the best run buffet that I have been to even if the food was so-so. There were no lines (I’ve had to wait half and hour to an hour at some places), you purchased at an automated machine, there was plenty of room and you got your own drinks.

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