The World Series of Poker

Today was the biggest day of my poker career; I will now say with pride that I competed at the World Series of Poker. Event #35, the $1,500 buy-in no limit hold ’em with no re-buys got underway today at noon. There were 2,541 entrants, so many that not even the Amazon room (the convention centre the WSOP is held in) could accommodate. There were additional tables setup in the halls as well as in an outdoor marquee, which is where I was. All things considered, the marquee was pretty well air conditioned, actually the perfect temperate compared to the ice cold casino.

My table was all male the entire time, there was one player that was clearly better than everyone, there were a few I felt I was on par with and a few that were below me, a nice mix. Things just weren’t meant to be today though, I couldn’t catch a break. Early on I’d pick up a decent hand like AK or TT, raise it up, someone would come over the top and I’d have to fold, that happened a few times and I’m positive I was correct in throwing the hand away each time.

I made it to the 4th level, when there were about 1,300 people left. It came down to small blind vs. big blind, me in the big blind and a big stack in the small blind. He raised about half my stack, I looked down saw A9 and pushed all-in. He took a while then called me with 95, not that bad of a call with the pot odds, and obviously something I have to love when I have A9. The flop came with a 9, things were looking good (about 90% to win the hand). The turn came a sickening five, but with three spades on the board I picked up a flush draw. The river was a blank and I was sent packing.

I never got going in the tournament, we started with 3000 chips I never had anymore than that. Even if I’d won the A9 hand, I would have had only a little more than I started with. I had a good time though, I won a few small pots, outplayed a few people. Tournaments are not my strong point, I will continue to work on them into the future, but my attributes at the moment make me a more successful cash game player. The WSOP Photo Store is going to have my photo up in the near future hopefully, event 35, table 82.

I’d like to take this chance to thank my backers, they know who they are. I appreciate both their moral and financial support. It didn’t happen today, but maybe another opportunity will come up in the future. Thanks to all the blog readers and well wishers as well, it’s good to know people are following. I can now check off a lifelong dream, I had to take a plunge to do it, but I’m glad I did. Not only did I get to be a part of the biggest event in poker, I got to represent myself and my country in a worldwide sporting competition. Hopefully, reading this will encourage some of you to take a risk in going after some of your dreams. Even when things don’t work out, you can always gain from the experience, as I feel I have from this one. As a wise person once said, “The Mexicans were great, but the tacos were not.”, that has no relevance here whatsoever, I just didn’t know where to end this entry.

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