Near Death Experience

Last night I had planned to play at the Venetian, but the waiting list was way too long for what looked like some very serious games. I decided it would be best to head back to the Flamingo where I had played earlier and earned myself the nickname Peep. The game was just as fun as last time, the time flies by when you are surrounded by great people. There was a black guy who rolled up fully blinged out and he was a laugh and a half. Our end of the table became very friendly and he started calling me Andrew Hachem when he found out where I was from. There were a couple of people in the game that were there the other night and of course I would always be Peep to them. I ended the night up $75, won a couple of big pots with aces and queens.

Today is a day off from poker and my day to get some tasks done. First and foremost was getting some laundry done. I decided it would be best if I caught a taxi there and walked back (about 3 miles) when I was done. About halfway into the trip cruising down a four lane road, I wasn’t paying full attention, but I felt the wheels start to slide and the taxi shift about 2 metres sideways suddenly. I glanced up and my life flashed before my eyes as a blue Chevrolet cut across two lanes of traffic to pull a left hand turn right in front of is. No indication, just a sudden L-shaped turn, cutting us off completely. We came within about an inch of smashing, the taxi driver did really well I probably should have tipped him more. I don’t know what the other driver was on, or whether he just thought no one was coming down the left, but there was heaps of traffic. Coming into the biggest poker tournament of my life, it was a timely reminder that I’m not invincible I guess.

The Laundromat was pretty run down and deserted; it had some old video poker machines. I played two hands on one and won enough quarters to do my laundry. Before I left I bought a can of drink from their vending machine that was right out of the 1980’s. I’m glad I did because it was a very tough trek. Carrying my small luggage cased filled with laundry as well as shopping bags it took me about an hour to complete the walk. Halfway through… I walked past a coin laundry! Damn you Google earth, at least I know for next time now. I also passed a clock that displayed the temperate, it was 47 degrees, who needs the gym right? Right now I’m, going to do my ironing and then catch the shuttle over to the Rio to register for the World Series of Poker event tomorrow!

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