Harrah’s Poker Room & Web Site Update

Yesterday afternoon I put in a five hour session down in the poker room of the very hotel I am saying. The game was dry, dull and boring. I bought in for $200 and five hours later and cashed out exactly $200 all those hours later. I was never really too much ahead or too far behind and didn’t really pick up any hands to speak of. Today I think I will play at the Venetian, which is next door. It is the casino with the Venice theme where I took the photos of the Gondola’s.


It is that time of month again; all my playing statistics are up to date. I haven’t included live play in my records, mostly because I want that to be pleasure not business. My hours played in the last month suffered nearly a 50% drop off from their average, which of course is understandable. However, I still managed to have a very good month. The sports betting I’ve been doing had an amazing month; our syndicate increased its profits by 99%! Interesting side note, I put some of our bets on at the sports book in the hotel, I’m about to go pick up our winnings now.

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