Farmer’s Market

The Universal Studios precinct was packed with people being a Saturday, so it was good to escape it to somewhere a little out of the way. It took a train and a bus to get to the farmer’s market, but the bus stopped right outside. It was a bit of a stretch to call this place a market, but it was nice to look around nonetheless. There were all of two fruit stalls, surrounded by heaps of restaurants and cafes. For a weekend it was relatively quiet I thought. Outside, the market area was surrounded by regular shopping stores like Barnes & Noble, Victoria‘s Secret and a plaza area with chiming clock and fountain. I had a look around, bought some fruit, took some photos and then had lunch. I managed to find a place that was serving spaghetti, something I’d been craving for a few days.

After lunch I went across the road to a supermarket which was kind of specializing in organic foods. The supermarkets here have full on salad bars and hot meats section where you can fill up a plate and pay for it by the pound, I’m going try it one time. At other supermarkets I’ve been to it has been hard to find healthy cereals, being an organic store though found something that resembled sultana bran. There were a few weird things on the shelves, including an entire line of hemp products, the weirdest one being hemp milk, which I had never heard of.

Once I got back from the farmer’s market I hit the gym, the gym here is a little bigger than the one at LAX, both have hardly had any people using them. From there I sat by the pool, studied some poker books for a while and then went for a swim. The pool area was quite populated as the weather is beginning to pick up here.

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