Hollywood Blvd

I headed back to Hollywood Blvd to take some photos of the places I had seen in my travels the past few days. The Hollywood/Highland area is home to attractions like the Kodak, Chinese and El Capitan Theatres, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Hollywood Wax Museum, Hollywood Bowl and Guinness World Record’s. The Chinese theatre is where they hold movie premieres and where I saw the Ocean’s 13 red carpet the other night.

The Hollywood/Highland shopping complex provides a pretty good view of the Hollywood sign. It is probably the closest I am going to get, so I took my chance to take photos.

After Hollywood Blvd I went back to Universal Studios for a bit more fun. I went through the house of horrors and took some photos of that. Then I went on the Jurassic Park ride again and got soaked through. I was going to go to the special effects show, but instead I got paid $3 to do a survey for Coca-cola. The line for the mummy ride was a 30 minute wait so I gave up on that and headed home. Tomorrow I think I will head off to the Farmer’s market.

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