The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

CBS studios took a bit of traveling to, train and then bus, but I got there with plenty of time. The organization of this show was by far the best of any that I have been to. It was a hot sunny day, but everyone was lined up in the shade and quickly got to move through to a holding area that was seated undercover, had a gift shop, vending machines and bathrooms. The CBS lot is where other CBS productions such as CSI, Jericho and Numb3rs are filmed.

Once inside, the studio was really small, so small in fact that his desk and the guest chairs had to be pushed off to the side for the band performance and the monologue. The studio only seated 150 people, as opposed to Kimmel which was nearly 300, so it was an intimate taping. Nearly as soon as we got inside they filmed the band Poison performing a cover version of ‘What I Like About You’. Click here to watch!

Following that they moved out all of the band gear and then Craig Ferguson came out and did his monologue. Paris Hilton was let out of jail today and he ranted about her the entire time, very unhappy that she had been let off. After he was done, they started setting up his desk in the background, during this time he interacted with the crowd, asked people their opinions on Paris Hilton and the like.

Once the set was ready, they brought out the lead singer from Poison for an interview, which can be seen¬†here. Then he had to change his tie because they were going to film something for the following night’s show. It turned out to be an interview with actress Parker Posey. Had I not watched ‘For Your Consideration’ on the plane on the way here I would have had no idea who she is. It was a funny interview and after she left he started talking to the audience off-air about how impressive she was.

Then they set up the stage for an Arnold Schwarzenegger skit. Craig was sitting at his desk and off to the side an Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator was sitting at a governor’s desk in front of a blue screen. They then conducted a mock satellite split screen interview; I’ll put the link up to it if someone puts it on YouTube.

Following that Craig recorded an intro for the Posion performance, as well as an intro for another band performance for another night. He then bid the crowd farewell as his work was done; we got left with a comedic guest though. I’m not sure when he is going to air, but he was mildly funny and that brought to an end filming. For the moment that is all the TV taping I will be attending while in LA. I did try for Jay Leno tickets, but it isn’t looking good.

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