The Showbiz Show with David Spade

Today was the taping of the Showbiz Show with David Spade. The show airs weekly on Comedy Central, the episode I saw will air tomorrow night. It is a parody celebrity news type show where he pokes fun at Hollywood and celebrity life. While the show doesn’t air in Australia, I’ve always been a huge fan of his so I was really looking forward to the show.

I got there super early, so early that I was second in line. Today brought the nicest weather of the trip, no haze or smog, just bright sunshine. We had to line up out on the street though, facing west with the sun blazing away. I spoke to the two guys in front of me a bit for the hour that we were waiting, they were from LA, but had never been to a taping of the show. At 3:30pm after over an hour out in the sun we were allowed onto the studio property and filed into this outdoor marquee. We were made to wait there for about another twenty minutes, by this point it was apparent that the order of the line outside had no bearing on what seat you get, so all that waiting for nothing. They then told us that the show was still half an hour away, but because it was so hot they were going to let us into the air conditioned studio.

The set was a lot bigger than Kimmel, yet it held less people. It featured two giant screens either side of his desk in which he did presentations in front of, so both sides of the audience got a close-up show. The lady that I sat next to introduced herself; she seemed kind of hyped up. Turns out she was from Kentucky and was there with her daughter. A few days that had been on Judge Judy… and I don’t mean in the audience, they were one of the cases. She was nice, if a little over the top and she ended up winning a t-shirt for being a good audience participant.

The warm-up guy seemed to go on forever, but eventually the show got underway. David eventually came out, only said a few words to the crowd and then went backstage again to come out officially. I was in the third row on the end seat right next to the shows producer. At one point David came over and talked to him so it was a close up experience. When the show airs tomorrow night I’ll put up the link to download it. After they had recorded the show they also did some extra recording for their web site, which will be available from the showbiz show web site. Spade’s interaction with the crowd was minimal, but the show itself was pretty funny.

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