Universal City Hilton Hotel

Overnight, Paris Hilton checked in to an LA prison, and today I checked myself into an LA Hilton Hotel. The transition from LAX to Universal City was seamless and easy, despite the distance I had to cover. I started out by catching the free hotel shuttle back to the airport. From there I caught the LAX Flyaway Shuttle service, that cost $3 and went direct from LAX to Union Station, just outside downtown LA. I only caught a glimpse of the CBD, but it wasn’t as big as I expected. Union station was very clean, new and there were very few people around. A train ticket cost $1.25 for a single trip and trains run every six minutes from Union station to North Hollywood, Universal City is the second last stop. I am going to be using the train a lot to get from Universal City to Hollywood in the next few days.

When I got off at Universal City, I was greeted with a massive hill. I saw a shuttle bus, but I knew the hotel wasn’t far… on a map. I ended up lugging my baggage up a 60-70 degree incline for a few hundred metres. It really is a good few degrees warmer when you go inland, so by the time I arrived I was drenched in sweat. It was only twelve at this point and check-in time is supposed to be 3pm, but I was able to check-in just fine (had to take two doubles instead of king again). The room is basically the same as I had at LAX, but with a few more TV channels, mini bar fridge (which I can hardly fit anything in anyway) and a slightly bigger bathroom.

After settling in I headed over to the Universal City walk. There are lots of photos in the gallery of this trip. I had some lunch over there and then came back to the hotel and had a play around with the internet. There weren’t any wireless networks that I could get onto, so I had to resort to the hotel internet (costs $10 a day).

Given my new found fridge space I headed back down the giant hill and a few blocks past the train station to the supermarket. I picked up some breakfast stuff and drinks and headed back here. Tonight I’ll be going for a swim, getting some dinner and then trying to get an early night. I plan to get up early tomorrow and head to Universal Studios. I have the taping of Jimmy Kimmel to go to at 6:15pm as well, so it is going to be a big day.

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