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I slept in a bit this morning, didn’t wake up until 9, after getting up at 5:30 and 7 the last two days. I went for a run up to a shopping area that I spotted while coming home on the bus yesterday (wish I had discovered it earlier). I picked up some breakfast cereal and some soy milk *vomit*, I will be able to keep it chilled in my ice bucket though. I also got some fruit, plastic bowls and cutlery. At the checkout after you pay a guy comes along and packs your bags for you, other than that the store layout and checkouts were pretty standard. On the way back to the hotel a number of planes went straight over my head nearly sending my deaf, I do want to get a photo of it though.

As soon as I got back it was time to head off to Venice Beach, it was a little more annoying to get to than Santa Monica, but well worth it! I don’t know whether it was because it was the weekend or what, but Venice was ten times better than Santa Monica. The weather was a little better today, which I guess put me in a better mood for the beach. The beach walkway was packed, and there was a long stretch of market stalls, shops, street performers abuzz with people.

They had bikes for hire and if I had my time over I would have got one if I’d known how long the beach stretched. The first thing I looked at was the graffiti art that was taking place, they had specific places for people to be doing it and not surprisingly that area was stacked with skateboarders working their moves as well.

Next, I headed out to the pier, it was a fair walk that would have been better by bike. Along the way there was heaps of beach volleyball going on. They also had outdoor basketball courts, an outdoor gym and tennis courts. The tennis courts were smaller than regulation size and apparently it is “speed” tennis. Out on the pier there were lookout points where you got look north at Santa Monica beach/pier and south towards LAX at Manhattan beach. There was heaps of fishing going on, but I didn’t see anything being caught. The pier also provided a close up view of the surfing that was going on as well as the sailing off in the distance.

As with Santa Monica, there were a few interesting characters going around. There were a number of musicians carrying around their ipods and headphones trying to get people to listen to their music. I had a listen to one of the artists and told him where I was from, apparently he already has fans in Melbourne and Brisbane, and is working on Sydney and Perth. The homeless people I saw were even more creative than Santa Monica‘s, sign highlights included “Will work for marijuana” and “the nineties stole my life path”. The hobo housing was also noteworthy, with a number of intricate beachside cardboard and other junk material setups erected. Hobo of the day definitely has to go to the guy I took a picture of on a bike though.

I decided I simply had to have lunch at the Bondi BBQ restaurant that greeted me upon my arrival, just to see how cheesy it would be. It didn’t disappoint, while the panoramic pictures of Bondi Beach, the Australian flag draped on the wall and the menu were all well and good, some of the other stuff was a bit over the top. To use the toilets you had to acquire a construction workers hat with a key attached to it, the toilets were labeled “Dunny” and the walls were scattered with “Crikey” and the like. Funnily enough, nobody picked up on my accent.

Once, I got back to the hotel I headed straight to the gym just in time to catch the Red Sox vs. Yankee game on the TV. When I arrived, the Red Sox were down 5-6 in the bottom of the 7th, but the bases were loaded. As soon as I jumped on the treadmill, the Yankees started to completely choke, making a number of errors in the field allowing in four Red Sox runs. Not only is it sweet any time the Sox beat the Yankees (11-6 in the end), the fact that we had money on the game made it even sweeter. My time on the treadmill flew by watching the game and it was a timely reminder of how much I am looking forward to going to a couple of games at Fenway Park. After some weights, I went outside and jumped in the pool. By this stage of the afternoon the skies had become overcast, but it didn’t matter because the pool must have been about 30 degrees.

Right now I am watching a bit of Ice Hockey, LA is abuzz because the Anaheim Ducks are playing and leading the series in the Stanley Cup finals. Heading out to get some dinner soon, not sure what I am going to do tomorrow, so stay tuned.

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