Santa Monica

Having figured out the bus system yesterday, getting there today was relatively easy. There were a few crazies on the bus again though, people talking to their own reflections, randomly yelling out and spitting at people when they got out. There are a couple of things about the bus system that I forgot to mention yesterday. Firstly, people with bikes attach them to the front of the bus, a pretty neat idea, but funny to see buses driving around with bikes on the front. Also, the voiceover messages are spoken in English and Spanish, a pretty accurate reflection of demographic of the passengers.

The weather today wasn’t really the best for the beach, the smog was heavy in the morning and there was a bit of a breeze. The temperatures so far (and the forecast for the next few days) have been in the low twenties. The temperate is a good 5-10 degrees warmer further inland, so hopefully that holds true when I move to Universal City.

The first thing that struck me when I got to the beach was how much distance there was from the road to the water. I don’t know that my pictures capture it, but there is a hell of a lot of sand and room to move. I imagine on a warmer weekend that the beach would be packed with people sun baking and playing sports. Today there was only one volleyball game going and a bit of soccer being played.

The pier was packed with stalls, people doing paintings, cafés, rides and food. They were handing out free packets of Doritos and asking people to participate in the naming of a new flavor. To me it tasted like McDonald’s hamburger sauce, so look out for that in the future I guess.

After the beach I went and had lunch in a plaza type of place, there were quite a few shops around and a nice promenade area that was closed to traffic. There were heaps of homeless people in this area, some of the inventive signs included “Fishing for coins”, with the guy having a cup hanging off him with fishing line. And another guy who had seemingly given up, stating that a mere smile would suffice.

Once I got back from Santa Monica, I hit the gym hoping to work up a sweat and then jump in the pool. However, when I went to use the pool, my room card wouldn’t open the gate so I’ll have to try and have a swim later. Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow as I will be again venturing to the beach, this time Venice.

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