Shopping At ‘The Mall’

I was expecting the shopping centre to be much bigger, but it was still a nice and relatively new setup. It was all outdoors and there was only about a hundred stores. I went to Foot Locker first and picked myself up a new pair of runners, I thought that they were cheaper over here, but really they worked out to be about the same. After some Panda Express for lunch, I went to Borders and picked myself up a guide to Las Vegas as well as a map of LA. After browsing some of the other stores including Bloomingdale’s and The Gap, I hopped on the bus to Santa Monica. After having video conversations with Emmy, Hui and my sister in the last 24 hours I decided to get a webcam, so I went into a Circuit City store. I picked up a Microsoft LifeCam VC-1000, designed especially for MSN and you can do a few special effects on it. It was only US$33, not too bad, does the job. It was getting late so I decided to head home; I’m going back to Santa Monica again tomorrow so I will have a chance to do more shopping.

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