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I decided to take on the Los Angeles bus system today, it had me beat early, but now I’m done it is safe to say I’m confident in my ability to use it. My task was to get about 8 miles north, to a Westfield Shopping Centre called Century City, located in Beverley Hills. I set off at 10:20am, and arrived at 2pm, along the way I took in a lot of places though and have a few stories to tell. My first bus driver was very accommodating to me and told me when to change buses, and I did so, but soon after transferring it became apparent that I was headed on the wrong route, but I stuck with it thinking that she couldn’t be wrong. Twenty minutes later I was at the end of the line, UCLA depot, no shopping centre in site. Okay, so not all bad news, I get to walk around UCLA and see the buildings, students sporting their UCLA jumpers and the joggers in their sports uniforms.

So after walking around the area for a while, I set out looking for a bus that is going to get me back in the general direction of the mall. Keep in mind I don’t have a map with me (it was on my shopping list for the day). Eventually I get to a bus that is going to palms. About halfway through the trip these four young teenage white kids get on the bus, decked out in low riding pants, backwards caps and white shirts down to their knees. I guess you would term them ‘wiggas’. They take up their position at the back of the bus and after a few minutes they start freestyle rapping at each other. Of course, it isn’t long until they drop the ‘n’ word a few times. An old black man warns them that they should be careful who they use them around and that sets them off and they start laying into him telling him he is past it. This goes on for a few stops at which point the old man gets off and everything seemingly goes back to normal. The kids start laughing to each other about what happened and then this muscular middle aged guy (looks like your typical kind of ex-military dude) walks up to the kids and starts telling them to get into line. A war of words erupts, (the bus is full of people including kids) and the f-bomb and a few other choice words start being used as every second word of each threat. The bus driver stops the bus, and gets on the phone, meanwhile one of the other passengers (a female security guard) starts to intervene and try and draw them apart. After about five to ten minutes of sitting in the same spot, she manages to split them up and bring the man to the front of the bus. The driver still refuses to move though until one of the parties leaves the bus, eventually the kids get up and leave.

Anyway after all that I decided to get off the bus and start looking for a connecting service that would hopefully get me to the shopping centre. After walking a few miles through ‘Culver City‘, a prescient that features ‘Kirk Douglas Theatre‘ and Sony Pictures Studios I found my bus. Eventually, I arrived at the mall, richer for the experience.

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